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My Chiro suggests that we should alternate baths. I don't take a bath everyday. That can be very tiring. I usually take a bath every other day. Now I do skin brush everyday with my shower and rebounding.

Here are ingredients for several different baths:

1. Cut 5 ORGANIC lemons get all the juice out. Then cut up lemons into 4's and put all but seeds in the bath with you.

2. 1 cup sea salt and 1 cup baking soda.

3. 2 cups epsom salt, 1 32oz bottle hydrogen peroxide, and 2 TBPS of fresh grated ORGANIC ginger.

Make sure you use ORGANIC ingredients. As sensitive as we are to things you don't want to bath in pesticides. Also, I envested in water filters for the shower and the tub. It takes all the chlorine out of the water. I find I have less pain without the chlorine. They cost about 30$ each.

Hope this helps!
~P ;)

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