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Hello all you angels of help,

My LD put me on Doxycycline 2oomgs twice daily with one tab of hydroxychloroquine each time , 21 months after getting infected.......I tested positive for the Lyme at Igenex but not for the coinfections..........

Since I actually delayed taking the abx by 10 days after getting the doc's abx prescription (i felt too weak to go out and get them), I felt guilty when my brain symptoms started returning after what was a month long gap. So when i finally got my meds from the pharmacy, I took the initiative to up the dosage in my zeal and began taking 300mgs twice daily. The patient's info leaflet did not specify that i had to take the abx with food . So the next few days I took the meds without food cause they seemed to totally kill my otherwise ravenous appetite...... and after a few days of doing that, it seemed my entire digestive system, from my intestines all the way upto my throat, went ballistic ! The whole sytem seemed to have reacted... I became very weak, nauseous, my heart would pound and i had to hold on to my gut in a bid to stop the became very hard to even sniff food.....the smell made me sick.
My LD's PA advised me to take a break from the abx for a few days,and then start with a lower dose and work my way up, ...and ofcourse by now i had learnt my lesson that i had to take it with food ! Ouch Ouch Ouch (Aaah I feel so foolish)

Today is my stomach's day of rest and tomorrow i want to start braving the abx again which my body so badly needs.....

1.I want to know was my system's reaction to be expected on an empty stomach........will taking the meds with foods help alot......i don't think i could afford abx intravenously for the length needed........... So i need my digestive sytem to work with me on this.......

2. I am kinda confused on my diet options....i am a vegetarian, and so meat and fish is out....can't have sugars/refined carbs that'll feed the yeast, and can't have calcium, iron, magnesium rich foods with the abx....does anyone have any ideas on what i could eat ?

3.Also my last question here (and thankyou for being patient with this lengthy post ..u r all very kind) ..any natural supplements for fighting fatigue/getting energized and strengthening the immune system ?

May the Force be with all us ticked -off ones...............l

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