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Hi Mark,

Don't worry about wearing out your welcome. All Lyme sufferers are welcome here. Its questions that help keep the board going anyway. The whole reason I went to see an LLMD is because I had the exact same symptoms as my friend who had gotten diagnosed with Lyme. She kept insisting I look into it because I knew I had gotten biten by a deer tick, several Lone Star ticks, bit by a cat that had over 100 ticks on her who later died mysteriously and left me with a very infected hand, then there was the incident in high school of being held down by four people and having a tick shoved in my mouth. So we both figured that was more than enough tick exposure to consider Lyme. I had all but 2 of the dr's 30 symptoms he uses to clinically diagnose Lyme so I ended up being tested and treated. I can relate to almost all the symptoms I have read about others having on the board. I even have some of the rarer and more bizarre of the neuro symptoms. I started out self treating with Laurcidin and Samento about a year ago and the brainfog and lack of energy cleared a little. I'm now being treated by a Lyme doc. The first few days the arthritis went away and I was saying hallelujah. But after the first week the pain came back, my joints are swelling like crazy, I can barely hobble around I am so stiff. The biometric reader at work will not recognize my hand scan some days because my hand swells so much. The dr said what I am experiencing now is herxing from all the lovely neurotoxins and that it will get better. But it will be awhile. The meds are causing worse night sweats than ever, I can soak through both sides of the pillow in under two hours. Wonder if that is a world record? LOL Somedays the brainfog clears a bit and I have actually had enough energy to wash the dishes and vacuum. Each day of treatment is different, the symptoms come and go. A different symptom each day, a different part of the body swells each day. Those spirochetes must really be busy moving around. I noticed they hated the hot bath last night. I love making them miserable! Anyway I hope this answers your questions, at least in a roundabout way. Forgive me if I write nonsense at times. The ol brain just ain't what it used to be.

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