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Hi Dawn -

I, too, am sorry for what your daughter is going through. The fact she is having rapidly migrating pain points strongly to lyme...I may be wrong but believe that it is the only kind of joint pain that migrates quickly from one site to another.

The bull's eye rash is a DEFINITE indicator of lyme...if she had it there is no question.

The dizziness and shortness of breath sounds a lot like babesiosis (a malaria like parasitic infection of the red blood cells). I had the same shortness of breath that was not affected in the least by albuterol when they made me inhale it at the ER. I had this off and on for two years until it became a constant in my life before treatment. It must be treated with an antimalarial like Mepron with Zithromax. Only an LLMD will really understand how to treat it and the nature of it.

I would get your daughter up to Dr. Charles Jones in New Haven, CT (he is the only pediatric LLMD in the world) if you can afford it and if you can't beg, borrow and do what ever you need to do. Don't let this go on any longer and don't trust the conventional labs in regards to tick borne illness - I had a negative test through John's Hopkins then went through IgeneX and was tested for all the same infections...My lyme Western Blot Blood test was extremely positive for Lyme IgM and IgG antibodies...Ehrlichia hme and hge and Babesia...I was extremely ill but all the 15 doctors I had seen said it was all in my head...

Take care and keep us posted. Send my best to your daughter...


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