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[QUOTE=Betterdaysforme]Dear dorkdad,
I was starting saventaro a few days after that and the strangest thing happened. After about a week or two my temp was consistently 98.0 - 98.8. [/QUOTE]

This is very interesting....

I guess this is good according to the book? If so then I have a choice of taking two doses a day and being relatively functional or three doses (which by the way my homeopath recommended four :eek: ) and be just a slug. I just wish I knew that the medicine was doing it's job not just wearing me down because I can be a slug for a while if it knocks this out of me.

According to the book, its not good to herx and be in more pain than usual. The author believes in healing without feeling worse.

On the other hand, he says you have to raise your body temperature.... :confused:

I wish I knew this was the case with the saventaro killing the bacteria and releasing toxins. [/QUOTE]

Dr. J. sells some formula that's made to deal with the toxins so you supposedly feel better. I wonder if that's your answer...

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