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Dear dorkdad,

I was reading again about the evoke potential bio - feedback you are doing. When they thought I might have MS they sent me to Baylor Hospital in Dallas to have an evoke potential. The testing took 2 days and included vision, hearing, and electrical charges to my extremities. This was to test for any lesions on the brain that might not have shown up on the MRI. The theory was that if there were lesions that weren't showing up then the normal brain reaction would take longer to transmit because it had to go around a lesion. Nothing came of this but they still wanted to say MS because they didn't know what else to blame it on. When I look back on all of the negative results for everything they did to me it makes me furious that MS was there conclusion regardless. They never even explored other possibilities. What is the most infuriating is that they then wrote letters to an insurance company I was trying to get insurance with so that squashed that. I have been stuck with Texas high risk insurance for over 4 years now at a horrible price per month and a very high deductible. I have no desire to sue anybody just get rid of this lyme but I sure wish I could recoup the money they have cost me over the last 4 years. You can't put a price on the quality of life I've had because of their narrow mindedness in not pursuing other possibilities. I don't think what you are doing is the same as what I did because it was just a test. What you are doing sounds like some kind of therapy. I wonder if you could explain it in more detail and also if your doctor knows anyone who does it here in Texas (Dallas). It is always nice to have backup plans. You do sound more positive about your wife than I have ever heard you talk before. I hope that means she is finally responding. Are you still doing the samento with the bio-feedback? Otherwise I hope things are going well and your kids are responding to treatment too.

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