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Hi Dave,

My rash also would disappear for a day or so only to return, it was so darn strange!!

I agree with Ncgirl that you should find yourself another doctor, your doctor sounds close-minded to me. If money is the issue, I believe that your health is more important than money (unless of course you are totally broke and have no support from family). Then that's another story of course.

I had to see over 100 doctors (honest, I am not exaggerating) before someone would take me serious. Some of those doctors I saw told me that it was all in my mind and I even took psychiatric tests to see if I was suffering from "clinical" depression and I was not. I kept showing them pictures of my Rash and they kept ignoring me.

It was so strange how I finally was diagnosed. I was researching the Internet and came across an article about Ehrlichiosis and I said to myself "I know I have this, I just have to get it medically proven!"

I remembered this nurse that I used to see for alternative medicine treatments and I remembered how she use to take a needle to get blood out of one of my fingers.

She would take that tiny drop of blood and put it on a slide and we would watch my blood on a Screen.

So I called her up around year 2000, and asked her to do the same thing and that's when she saw all these Spirochetes jumping around on the Monitor. From there, I went to another doctor and simply said "I have Spirochetes!!"

He sent me to another doctor who sent my blood to IgeniX Lab and they found out that I tested "very Positive" for Lyme and Ehrlichiosis.

So I have been through the mill all these years and let me tell you, I have walked out on so many doctors because they didn't even want to hear the word Lyme. But I never gave up and I am not giving up now.

Golly, I didn't mean to write a book!!

Mickie, yes, it was Igenix that found my Lyme Coinfections with the Western Blot, I still believe that it the best lab in the U.S.

Dave, I know I keep asking you this and I don't mean to pester you, but do you know where your blood was sent? I am praying that it was sent to IgeniX.

I hope you feel better and please keep us posted,

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