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I have found massage to be extremely helpful. I think the negative feedback may come from certain kinds of massage, like lymphatic drainage massage. From what I understand, lyme can cause sluggish lymph problems, so when you get a lymphatic drainage type massage you stir up a lot of toxins at once and you can feel pretty yucky after that. It's hard for the body to tolerate the toxin activity and it tries to get it out but it makes you really tired. I've never experienced that, but a few people here described it and it sounded like a herx.

For me, all massage is fantastic and welcomed.
Tinuviel :wave: ,

There are all different types of massage therapy. I have heard that Bowen Therapy is really good.

I tried Vodder therapy(lymphatic drainage). One session (just my neck and face being done) became very sick vomiting and the other end for 4 days. The nausea stayed for almost a month after. Lost 8 lbs in 4 days. Not a good thing for someone is can blow away with the wind now.

I personally get sick just when I get my shoulders rubbed. So massage for me is a BIG NO NO!

I would recommend you going to someone that REALLY knows their stuff. Make sure they understand how sick you are.

You want to make sure you are totally hydrahated. Drinking tons of water for at least 24 hrs after. The thing with massage is that all the toxins are set free..which can be good IF your body knows what to do with them.

~P :)

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