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Dear Anyone who can help (Ticker?),

I got a tick bite on May 30th at Castle Rock, in the Santa Cruz mountains in California. and didn't find out until 5 or 6 hours later. The bite was close to my nipple, and I was able to remove it completely. It was red around the bite and a bit swollen for the first 2 days, and felt very tender (like a bruise). Now the pain and redness has disappeared in like 4 days.

Twice I got a chill in the morning, and I am getting small itchy rashes, but nothing like the bull's eye thing. The rashes seem like another thing not related to the tick bite, but i would like to make sure. They are small swollen pumps that dissappear sometimes, and sometimes ends up as a pimple. Also, the place where i got bite itches a bit.

Another thing that happened on May 31st, was my recovering cold sore, outbroke and spread to my entire upper lip. I think it may have been a reaction to the stress of the tick bite. It has taken 17 days to recover from the sore, and now just today my skin is itchy (June 8th)

I am currently taking anit-viral for cold sore, lysin, echinacea, vitamens, zinc, and a bunch of other natural remedies to make this sore better.

My question is, should I seek a lyme doctor? And if so, where can I find one in California, in San Jose area....

Thanks so much...


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