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Re: Rocephin
Jun 12, 2005
TINUVIEL, My dentist knows about the hazards if dental mercury. She is not a holistic dentist but understands the importance of using the rubber dam and evacuating the mercury "cloud" that forms when drilling - I never herard that from a dentist before.

My therapist in PA - Dr Patricia Kane (PhD) writes that any antibiltic or detoxification can not be entirely successful if there is mercury in your system. It is therefore important to first have your fillings removed.

My experience with the removal process is not good and very expensive. Because my fillings were old and some were deep, I needed three root canals after drilling them out. Most times you will need a crown ot overlay for the tooth receiving the root canal as well. I had 10 teeth with amalgum and three requried root canals and four crowns/overlays; total--$6,000.

My therapist said that some people feel better and some feel worse after amalgum removal. I feel a little worse right now but am optimistic that things will improve.

Take care all ...

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