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Is it Lyme
Jun 16, 2005
Hello all,

il keep this brief as i have been going round different specialists to find out what is wrong with me no answers yet. Very depressed as have been very sick for six months now. The answer i keep getting now is possibly its viral or an infection but then im just left!!
The reason i thought of lyme was cause it occured to me that a particular rash/ spots i have all seemed to start from one big itchy spot i had a year ago that looked like some kind of bite but never really went away the rash and further spots have spread out from it skin its very itchy and peels every day! i don't know how commen lyme is in the uk but i do a lot of countryside activities.

Here are my symptons:(or ones i have had)

1. skin peeling scaling everyday i can rub my face and small amounts of skin come off
2. spots that are like blisters and then get hard and crusty.
3 Wheel like dermatitis
4.Swellings under skin
5 thickening of skin
6 enlarged jaw
7 forehead looks swollen
8 severe headaches i have collapsed from
9 feeling cold all over
10 all started with sun burn type rash and rheumatic pain
11 pain down left side or numbness
12 increased sweating and change in smell of sweat
13 sleeping feels like i have had no sleep even though i get enough.
14 anxiety and mood changes
15 weight loss at the beginning
16 swollen lymph nodes but no sore throat
17 breathlessness
So any ideas anyone by bloods don't show too much i have slightly low potassium, positive ebv ( but could have been from when i has as a teenager) slightly elevated growth hormone but no pituatary tumor, esr was 2 on one occassion and 6 on another. have had excess protien in urine.
another wierd thing is my symptons get worse in a lying down position and seem worse after sleep. also reacted badly to anti histamines and steriods the doctor gave me.

thanks zoe

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