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Hi Zoe -

I love your name! I always have said if I have a daughter her name will be Zoe ;)

Just wanted to weigh in far as drug reactions...yes, since getting lyme and coinfections I have had awful Herxheimer reactions when on antibiotics...basically the bacteria die and they cause awful reactions for me which included parathesis (feeling like my arm wasn't connected to my body, disassociation feelings, severe vertigo to the point I couldn't drive, room spinning when laying down, difficulty breathing, hand swelling as I sit there watching it swell - it would happen so fast, chest pain...the list goes on and on.

I am taking the same antibiotic I did initially when the herxheimers were so bad but now it only affects me this way a few days a month and much less severe.

I also had food sensitivities and chemical sensitivities. This seems to be getting much better with treatment.

No skin thickening...for me it seems to be getting thinner and cutting more easily.

Hormones are definitely screwed up for me and after looking over my labs and talking with someone who knows a lot about thyroid I believe my thyroid is all a mess too. Lyme loves thyroids and the glands that produce hormones.

I am sorry you are sick. I would consider testing through IgeneX Labs in Palo Alto for Lyme and coinfections...I am one of many that had two negative tests through conventional labs to go on to IgeneX and be extremely positive for all antibodies to lyme and 2 coinfections.

Keep us posted Zoe and don't give up. You will figure it out.

All My Best,

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