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[QUOTE=Betterdaysforme]Dear Tinuviel,

I never read that about the valtrex and immune system but after 18 months of absolutly no changes my GP gave me the valtrex thinking it was a virus maybe. When the eye problem occurred I tried to tell the opthamologist, neuro, and MS specialist that I thought I had a reaction to the valtrex because I had taken just 2 pills when the eye went blurry. Every single one of them blew me off and insisted it indeed was MS because of the eye . I later found an ad for valtrex while seeing my homeopathic that said on rare occasions it can cause vision problems. I now carry that ad in my wallet and when I beat lyme I will let them know what they did to me and send them a copy of it. Unfortunately by that time they had doused me with 1,000 mg steroids a day for 4 days. This is what let the lyme really get hold of me I am convinced. What had been a slight left side problem has taken over my entire body since the steroids. I am convinced that is why I am having such a hard time kicking this. I just have to keep on plugging away until I do but don't trust many traditionals doctors at this point.


Thank you for posting this info. I'm really sorry to hear about the Lyme/steroid connection causing you so many problems.

You mention "left side problem", can you describe what you mean by that? Whatever illness I have also occurs only on the left side most of the time (numbness, tingling, loss of feeling). Lungs and heart are also affected (some sort of inflammation).

My Rheumatologist prescribed Prednisone 100 mg to start out with (I have not filled it yet), and then each week after cut the value by 1/2 until down to 10 mg daily. I've been taking Ibuprofen instead, seems to help somewhat (800 mg every 8 hours). I am going to refuse the Prednisone.

MS was also mentioned to me, but has not been tested for yet. No way could it be MS. My vision is very screwy, left eye is blind, right eye fades for no reason (right eye always returns to 20 though)

This week I have MRI and EMG testing, have you had those? Anything turn up? Autoimmune testing?

1,000 mg of any steroid seems like an awfully large dose.


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