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don't apologize for the piss and vinegar...

and i have read that you can be very messed up an overzealous lymph drainage massage. i'm a tight wad, and man i can hear you on considering canceling the other two... truly. however, i do encourage you to keep the next one, see if by the second one, you can tell any difference. In that she sounds like a rational, caring person, maybe you could ask her if she'd be willing to listen to your fears, doubts, concerns... that you realize you know nothing about procedure but because of that, are having a hard time investing in something that 'feels' so un-therapeutic. especially when you hurt so bad, can barely drive there, walk a straight line, etc. tell HER you hate to piss/moan but holding it back may actually set back your treatment. that you WANT to be open to treatment and hope that this dialogue might better help you get it...

how the heck does the procedure work? not meaning to doubt her, but does she really belive what she is doing will benefit YOU? that you want to believe in it...

i hate these conversations but when i'm reeling in doubt, sometimes i just have to push forward and do it... if the professional i'm dealing with is truly a caring person, they 'get it' and want to assure me, aren't threatened, etc. if not, that's my 'head' up' that i need to move on anyway...
normally, they get it because i wouldn't delve into such a conversation with someone that i thought was going to be threatened... however, sometimes my instincts betray me... :rolleyes:

there's my 2 or 11 cents... use what you may and I DO SO HOPE THINGS GET TURNED AROUND FOR YOU SOON! i hate the dispair i'm hearing. but don't hold that back either... just makes you sicker. cj
Dear 6 blues,

I was telling my best friend yesterday about your therapy sessions and all I said was raindrop and she knew whas I was talking about. She knew somebody who used it for scoliosis believe it or not. She was saying that there really isn't much if any touching and the oils are supposed to "draw" stuff out.

My niece-in-law of 2 years is a physical therapist. I may have to call her after all. I have hesitated because when my brother-in-law and his wife were here they kept saying, Chrissy wants you to call her she can help. Chrissy is married to their grandson. She and another girl have opened their own practice less than a year out of school and are doing quite well. They are actually specializing in female type physical therapy. The other girl has been out of school and taught for a few years before doing this. Chrissy comes from money and I am sure the parents are helping her get her start.

To be honest I have hesitated because when they told her how bad I was getting she right off the bat said that a lot of people think they have lyme but it is something else. I don't need another non believer in my midst. But I may talk myself into calling her and making it clear this is what we are dealing with and go from there.

My nephew (her husband) is at UT Southwest in his 3rd year. He is so smart and when he was still at Texas A&M and they came for dinner one night a long time ago we were talking about the MS theory and he automatically said "I thought you had to have multiple lesions to have MS"?
The MRI showed a small spot on my C6 that 3 months later was pencil point size and now isn't even there. Even before med school he questioned the diagnosis they were giving me. It makes me wonder if the people with just one spot are really lyme sufferers and are being told MS all the time. I wish he would specialize in lyme. He was one of 25 in the country to be invited into the DeBakey heart porogram his junior year at A & M. We need him for lyme research. He hasn't settled on his specialty yet. I may have to work on him.

Anyway, I got off the subject but if I call Chrissy and do this I'll let you know. Keep us posted on all your changes and what the theapy involves so I can make a decision and know what to expect. Like ggb says whoever does this for you needs to know the consequences of too strong a massage. Obviously yours does.


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