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Hi Zoe,

There is more than just Lyme that a person can contract from ticks and each is a separate test. Unless your doctor offers to test you through the Igenex lab then don't waste your money because 70% of the people who have Lyme test negative on the standard Western Blot test run by companies such as Quest and Labcorp. Its because they cut corners and do not use enough antigen to detect spirochetes, plus the Lyme spirochetes do not stay in the blood. They invade muscle, tendon, bone, organs even the brain. Igenex offers tests that can pick up the DNA protein of the spirochetes not just the antibodies one's body (sometimes) makes to fight Lyme. They have a much more sensitive test with higher quality controls. The lab was founded by a Lyme doctor. If you go to Igenex website you can download a lab test form and hopefully you can convince your doctor to order the test for you. If you have had Lyme for very long you may need to go on antibiotics for awhile before you can make antibodies against Lyme that would even show up on a test. Certain medications will also prevent positive tests. Treatment can take several months to several years depending on how long you have had Lyme and what other co-infections you may have. If you just recently contracted it doxycycline would probably be your best bet. If you also have co-infections such as Babesia & Ehrlichiosis you will probably do better on a mix of antibiotics such as Zithromax & Flagyl. You also need to get on a good quality probiotic such as Primal Defense in order to protect your intestines from antibiotics. Check out the other posts. There is lots of good info on the site, both medical info as well as people sharing what meds work for them.

Keep us updated on your dr visit and testing.

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