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Thanks, gerribear and 6blues!

Ticker, I've been tested for babs in the past six months. Negative. I don't believe I've been tested for bart or erlichiosis recently. My current LLMD says if I had ever had them, the abx I took early on would have killed them (?)

I herxed on a relatively low dose of doxy about a year ago ... that's when I finally had a positive lyme test. I was being treated then for reactive arthritis, and was put on doxy as a 'maintenance' break from the other abx I had been on. Up until then, on the other abx, I had had a slow but steady increase in arthritis-type symptoms (new joint involvement, increased tendon pain) but nothing I would classify as a herx.

I was put on Rocephin almost immediately after having the positive test. I definitely herxed on that, with mild hallucinations, nightmares, increased nerve and joint pain, etc. I started Ketek about a month into the Rocephin, so it's hard to tell whether I had a separate herx from it or not.

Since having done 6 months of Rocephin, and being on Ketek now for 8 months, I've continuously had much more skin burning and an overall 'vibrating' feeling. Otherwise, I continue to have serious joint and tendon pain and fatigue.

The new LLMD proposes to retest me at (the "I" lab .... can we say lab names?) for coinfections as well as lyme after I've been off meds for a short while. I've never had tests done there. In the meantime he's doing hormonal testing, and is planning to do a yeast test with a microscope using blood next time I see him.

It's so hard to know what to do! I don't go back to the new LLMD for one month, so I would be off abx (and enbrel and plaquenil, which I was on for the joint inflammation, acycolovir for mildly elevated epstein barr, and artemesia) for at least that long.

I really hate that there is so much uncertainty with treatment for these diseases!!


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