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Just a note....was not over the herx as I thought....about 10 minutes after I posted last I turned into the "lobster" again. It is so scary to be a normal color one minute, and then turn so bright red, feel like my skin is boiling or on fire, turn splotchy, itchy, and sore the next...watching it spread like a wildfire. It's funny that lately it always starts in my scalp/face, then goes down my neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and lastly feet. It always starts at the joints and then just fills me in like I'm some weird kind of color by number page. But at least this one was definitely the least painful of them sooo far so I know I am on a upward trend finally...but may have to postpone starting the flagyl on Tuesday like planned. Think I need to give my bod time to catch up and rest and heal a little after this whole week of trauma!

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