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What is it with some of us and doxy?

After 1.5 years on many abx and basically no herx and no improvement, my LLMD put me on a 'maintenance' dose of 100 mg of doxy to give my body a "rest". I immediately got the sickest I've ever been AND finally tested positive for lyme after numerous negative tests. (This was almost exactly one year ago.)

I think in some of our bodies, lyme and doxy go to war. Good or bad? I just don't know. I was almost immediately put on IV rocephin back then, and switched from doxy to ketek.

Maybe I should have stayed on doxy??

I hope you are feeling much better very very soon.

GMCNJ ~ I don't know what it is about doxy for some of us either! That's preety insane what you went through...jsut being on a maintenance dose and getting so sick. I am glad that the ketek worked well for you. Hopefully I will see similar success soon with some other antibiotics! That would be nice!

BDFM ~ the reason we take flagyl is that it the only med (that I am aware of) that can penetrate the cyst form of the lyme spyrochete. I guess when we take antibiotics of another kind some of the keets see it coming and become a cyst that way the have a shield and can hide out in our system until the coast is clear...then bam there is a wholey healthy intact syprochete that pops out and starts doing damage again. This is a very non tech answer to your question..I don't know the science only what my llmd has said and what i've read. I don't know anything about that flora Q though...maybe when I'm feeling better I can do some searching. If you find out more about it please share. :) But hope this helps a little for now.

Shaynesmom ~ I agree with BDFM that it would be interesting to see your list of supplements and why you take it. Thanks for offering and sharing! :)

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