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Thanks for the advice. I didn't even think about a picture. I called Dr. Crist's office today and he is not in this week but his nurse is supposed to call me back. I called my own doctor back and he doesn't really feel like it is a tick bite because there wasn't a tick attached. But I know that doesn't mean anything. A few months ago I had a deer tick attached to the side of my hip and there was another bite about 8 inches below it that looked identical to the tick bite. They both got red and itchy and I know it is where the tick bit first before it attached on up the hip.
Actually I have lymes disease and have been to Dr. Crist. I have been dismissed for the time being to get my mercury fillings removed, because after looking hard and long at the information Dr. Crist gave me, I decided that a cracked filling may have helped me along in losing my health two years ago. I know it is hard to see Dr. Crist, we live 3 1/2 hours away, but what I am hoping is that maybe they would let me email or fax a picture of the rash to help them determine if it is indeed a tick bite or not and go from there.
We live out in the country and deer and ticks are a part life. I told my husband today, maybe we need to sell the dog and the house and move into town, but I can remember ticks even when we lived in town.
Anyway, thanks for the help and I will let you know how it goes.
Ticker, do you know anything about Samento? I have read some promising things about it and wondered if you knew anything?

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