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You know, the more I learn of lyme, the more it makes me wonder as I look at my
Son, sometimes I worry I have become lyme paranoid and starting to see Lyme
Everywhere I look.

But still I wonder..

You see my son has been struggling for years now. He has been to more doctors than I can count and has many diagnoses. It all started when the teachers at school found him acting oddly and having social issues and found him hyperactive and sad. Well we had him tested
And his psychological test came back that he had possibly a light Aspergers syndrome and possibly ADHD and depression. They found he was very sensitive to sound and light and touch, was hyperactive and very depressed and constantly complained of ills. Stomach aches and not feeling well. He was brought to a councilor and doctor and was given ADHD Medication and Antidepressants. Right after that Andy had a Grand Mal seizure that scared us and was rushed into the hospital, where we thought might be the new medication, he was changed to a different antidepressant and didnít have another.

For the next two years this has been a battle of him complaining about not feeling well, yet their was seldom anything we could see wrong with him other real small stuff and often would send him to school. With one exception, he has constant neck muscle pain, it starts at the base of his skull and runs along the muscles into his back. If you touch it, he
Jumps out of his skin, is has been sore for a very long time. (at least two years) This was brought to our family doctor a couple of times with our concern. The doctor would move his head this way, then that, and then tell us that it looks like there is nothing wrong and it must be Stress, and Andy should try and not crunch his muscles like that when upset or try a new pillow. My son said he would try.

Then Andyís mental symptoms changed again, and the school called again. He suddenly became confrontational (when he has always been timid) and has been having deep depression and suicidal thoughts. We also discovered he is having a psychotic thoughts
And have been seeing things that isnít there, and having horrible nightmares. We took him too his doctor who decided he had Bipolar instead of unipolar depression and started him on a mood stabilizer, Anti-psychotic as well as his ADHD meds and antidepressant. This has helped his mood. He now takes a boatload of medication.

On a physical side of things, we took him to a neurologist, because he seemed extra awkward and didnít run right. The doctor told us he has a small neurological issue with fine motor skills but it could be related to AS, and he would never be able to catch a ball right or run correctly, it just the way it was. This saddened us, but we accepted it.

I have also noticed he is weaker than he should be, and doesnít have much strength in his upper arms and legs. He gets upset about this and wants to know why children years younger than him are stronger than him. I have no answer, I tell him to wait for puberty, he has just turned 12 last week.

Me and my wife are frustrated, its like his problems keep changing. We just had a re-eval of his psychological condition. It came back all different. Now they donít think he has
AS, and have diagnosed him with depression with psychotic issues and disgraphia, which is a motor skill problem. Oh and ADHD is out now it seems YikesÖ

The point I bring to this board is this. About four years ago, I removed a small tick from my sons shoulder, it was not a dog tick, but I donít think it was a dear tick either. It was about the size of a tiny chicklet (you know the little packs of gum) and black, but it was visible, unlike a dot on a sentence like dear ticks are described. At the time I watched for a rash, and he didnít get one, so I didnít think it could have been lyme. I was under the impression at the time, no rash, no lyme.

But with all his issues the last few years I wonder. Maybe I am just reaching, he doesnít get that many headacheís, and though he has fevers, they are not that common. He says his knees hurt from time to time and gets tired easily and the neck thing, but it could be growing pains or a host of other things.

HmmphÖ I could just have lyme on the brainÖseeing things that isnít. Its just that I am learning things I didnít know, have been reading up, and its opening my eyes.

Does anyone have a child with Lyme? Are their symptoms different from ours?

It isnít like I can take him to the family Doc to have him checked, his eyebrows go up into his hair now the second I mention lyme. I think I am one of those patients now.

I would like to do a titer or him just to be sure, but how do I get someone to order it?

Or do you think I am just reachingÖmaybe I am L

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