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Dear takemylife,

Well we finally got in the pool yesterday for the first time. Kind of late here in Texas as the weather has been very hot. We do a job for a real estate corporation quarterly so it takes time besides Home Depot and I didn't want to get in the pool by myself. Now I'm glad I didn't.

I got out to the pool before hubby and was trying to figure out just how to get in. My legs just didn't want to move any closer than a foot or so close to the edge. Paranoia I guess. I finally just about got on all fours to back into the pool. My poor husband just stood there not knowing what to do. He finally took one hand and helped me in. I probably would have been better off just belly flopping in the deep end but maybe I never would have surfaced. :rolleyes: First person to die of lyme by drowning. Not really funny but don't want to cry.

I don't know if the saventaro is causing herxes or what but my legs are just kind of shaky sometimes, more than before. My husband went and got me a raft I use to hang over and paddle back and forth from one end to the other. Last year was great I just kicked both legs like crazy and got lots of exercise. Back and forth from one end to the other about 50 times.

I started to kick and only the left leg wanted to work right. I know I have talked about the right leg and me wanting to kind of walk stiff legged and swing it out when I walk. Same problem in the pool. The thing is that the leg did not want to bend to kick, it wanted to stay stiff. Very frustrating to say the least. I wasn't going anywhere either.

I finally got to the deep end and we sat on the loveseat and he told me to bring my leg up and down to exercise. Again, no problem bringing it straight out in front of me but it just didn't want to relax and bend back down. I kept trying to bring it down straight. I finally put both legs together and was able to do it but I honestly felt in the beginning that I was using my stomach and shoulder muscles to do so. You know kind of scrunching up with all my might. After about 50 of them it got easier but still had to concentrate. When we were done and I tried to paddle to the shallow end it wouldn't bend right again. I honestly didn't know whether to laugh or cry because I was so looking forward to strengthening my legs. Getting out of the pool was as scary as getting in. :eek:

Today my right side on my hip and butt are very sore. Left side is okay. I got to thinking about a lot of people on here who complain of hip pain being a major symptom. Until today I would occassionally have the butt pain but not often. I just figured it was the sciatic nerve. I'm now wondering if this pain that is there is from lyme taking up residence in that area and I made it unhappy? And is this why some people have pain there?

Would this make me walk like that or have I just developed a nasty habit that I need to correct? Or maybe I did something way back when after falling and didn't realize it. I know one day in the pool will not get it but I am very frustrated to say the least. I see the homeopathic/chiro on Friday and maybe it needs to be adjusted. He hasn't done much of that just trying to figure out what's needed with his magnet/muscle testing. I'm not sure what to think at this time. This has been a problem off and on for about a year but is getting worse. Habit or real problem??? The most frustrating thing is that it was all left sided until the steroids. I could just scream!!!!

Any thoughts would be appreciated. You being a body builder I figured you would know a little more about the physical aspect. When putting on shorts in the morning and taking them off at night I can lift the left leg higher and barely can lift the right leg. Half the time I end up either bending down or just holding my leg up to get them on. If I am in the tub or laying down I can lift the leg up but then it basically falls down real quick. Muscle tone or lyme I don't know? Both are a problem but the right is much worse.

Hope things are going well for you and it is nice to see your name pop up now and then. I guess that means you are a silent observer unless you feel you can contribute. That's good. Make sure you stick around. Thanks for any advice.


PS Did you read the thread from jackjaw this morning about hyperbaric chambers and lyme? Interesting to say the least. It worked for that Eagles player in the playoffs with his ankle. I think it is real expensive though. If you would only have to do it a few times it would be worth it but I have heard you would have to do it lots of times, like fifty or so.

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