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I've just been reading through posts, and someone mentioned doing daily yoga (I'm sorry I can't remember which of you lovely people, and I'm too tired to go back through the posts :)

I used to be quite active .. not a superstar, but I hiked, biked, ran (no marathons .. but I actually used to run!), walked at least 2-4 miles a day, etc.

Over the past two years, I've become almost entirely inactive, other than two very short daily walks with my dog (one when things are really bad) and working at my office job as much as I can. (And frankly, I keep my job through an act of will and lots of pain meds.)

It seems that anything I do .. and I mean anything .. makes me feel worse. The most gentle stretching, particularly of my stiffest areas (upper body) increases the neuropathy and makes my body burn all over. Sometimes it triggers a herx that can last for days. If I walk farther than a short distance, same thing .. it can send me into a spin. Almost any unusual movement on the right side of my body (which always hurts worse because I use it the most), like carrying a heavy object, driving, or working on the computer too long, triggers a flare of burning pain from the heel to the back of my head on that side.

This all discourages me from getting any form of regular exercise. I've explained this phenomenon to both of my LLMDs, but so far, I haven't gotten a good explanation for it.

Is there anybody else out there who has almost no tolerance for moving their body? :( I know this is self perpetuating .. the longer you don't move the harder it becomes. But this isn't just being out of shape and tired .. it really makes me sick.

I've been through two different forms of physical therapy. I can't get massage because I can't let anyone touch me (again, it's herx city). What do you all think: "work through the pain," "listen to your body," or something else?

Ugh, sorry. That all sounds so whiny! But I would really love to find a good explanation and solution for this!

Dear jag,

I know what you mean about the pain. I feel as though I am being pulled in 2 different directions. The board says rest and relax to help your body and my husband says exercise and walk to strengthen it. I am about ready to explode.

Today I tried to do some leg exercises as that is my major problem. For whatever reason my right knee just doesn't want to bend the way it should. I was laying on the floor and trying to lift the leg to my chest by bending it. The left one is fine the right doesn't want to cooperate. I don't know if it is the lyme, lack of exercise or even a mental thing at this point.

I finally knelt in front of the couch and would scrunch (sit) back on my heels and then lift up my upper body and bend to the couch. I did this about 50 times. Then twice today I used ankle weights over my leg/foot and lifted it with my leg over the arm of the couch about 50 times. I figure some of this has to help somehow. I just hope I am not doing more damage than good.

The strangest thing is that my legs tonight are like rubber but don't hurt, but my left arm, shoulders, and back are sore as can be. Maybe I just have the little buggers moving around. If so I guess that's good because then the meds will find them easier.

I guess I will try to do this for a few weeks and see what happens. If I can push through this my mind says I have to get stronger. I am just so sick of waiting for this to go away and not trying to build my legs up.

I thank you for your thread, it was very encouraging and we would all love to know what you are doing in more detail. Did you have lyme for long and how long were you treated and with what? I guess that's all immaterial because you are on the road to recovery and that's what counts. It is so good to hear these good stories.


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