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This is my first post. We are currently giving my 14-year-old daughter a five-day course of 3 antibiotics in preparation for a Western Blot and Lyme urine PCR next week. She has been sick for about 7 months. Although she has many different symptoms (fatigue, dizziness, heart palpitations, neck and upper back pain, and many other problems that come and go), her most persistent complaints have been visual. She sees white lights all of the time, 24/7. They are most bothersome in the darkness as she's trying to go to sleep. They are even in her dreams. She also complains frequently of seeing trails behind objects, after-images, halos around objects, flashes of color, distortions in peripheral vision. More recently, she started experiencing tinnitus and especially, hyper sensitivity to sound.

I have removed several deer ticks from her in the past 3-4 years, following camping trips. She never had a rash or got sick soon after a tick bite. About a year ago, she began complaining about intense, burning neck and upper back pain. About the same time, periods of lightheadedness and seeing stars, especially upon sitting or standing. By fall, she became depressed. After being treated with Paxil for six days, she developed hallucinations and was seen in the ER. We stopped it immediately, but the visual disturbances never went away. And her periods of lightheadedness, etc. became constant. She was diagnosed with POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), but her visual disturbances don't really fit within the clinical picture for POTS. She also has very low cortisol levels (outside the reference range).

So, now we are testing for Lyme. On the one hand, the fact that there was such a clear precipitant for her visual symptoms (Paxil) would seem to argue against Lyme. I participate in a visual snow board, where most people have the same visual disturbances and Lyme is almost never mentioned as a possibility for this problem. Several people have developed the same problems after using anti-depressants. On the other hand, she has so many different symptoms plus the neurological ones that her doctors have been able to explain (and we have seen many different doctors!). Perhaps, Lyme will prove to be the answer.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone with similar experiences. In addition, my doctor is balking at using IGeneX for testing. He wants to send the Western Blot to Mayo Clinic and LabCorps. I ordered the Western Blot and urine PCR kits from IGeneX myself and my chiropractor is willing to order them, if my physician refuses. Since we are subjecting her to five days of intense antibiotics, I want to get the best information for my money. Also, I read specific criticism of LabCorps (30% detection rate, can't recall details). If anyone can direct me toward published information about labs (both good and bad) that would be useful to give my doctor, I would be grateful. Thanks.


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