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GMCNJ - very interesting history!! When your Rheumie diagnosed it as arthritis, was your pain in the joint or in other areas of connective tissue (like ligament bands or fascia)? I also have forearm pain (my right as well - I'm right handed) whenever I use that arm for a while (especially if writing, typing, driving, etc).

When I was being followed by an anesthesiologist in a pain clinic for all my back problems, he occasionally retested my flexibility (as tight hamstrings put folks at higher risk for back injuries), and regardless of my stretching and exercise, my hamstrings (particularly the right) got more and more tight. He commented on it the last time I saw him (little over a year ago). Just like your arms and neck, my hamstring muscles are incredibly tight.

In the past 2 months I've been having neck, occiputal, and jaw pain with slight headaches and low-grade midday temp. And my ears have started acting up again - particularly the right. I've had disturbed hearing in that side for almost 2 years now.

That's interesting about Lyme being imbedded in the tendons and ligaments (though somewhat nauseating). :-S lol. Oh well. Hope I can be seen and get tx'ed early enough that they don't cause permanent damage.

Last year, at my worst, when I was still desperately trying to exercise, I'd go for a short (20-30 min) walk around my neighborhood and have "migrating" pain in my legs. A particular spot would start hurting (almost like that one area wasn't getting any oxygen - like Sleeperwoken suggested) and was dying or "ripping." it would last about 5-10 minutes, then sometimes just go away. Then in just a minute or matter of seconds, I'd feel it somewhere else. Sometimes it would continue hurting and become an actual (at least it felt like) injury that lasted for days - like a pulled muscle. Strange.


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