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Dear Kali,

Well I really didn't think I would be a participant in this thread but guess what? :eek:

One of the first symptoms I had was my upper left arm was really sore. It felt liked somebody had put a rubber band around it and pulled it as tight as it would go. This has been an ongoing problem for over 4 1/2 years. I could not move my arm behind my back and raise it without it killing me. I didn't think arthritis because it wasn't in the "joint". The accupuncture doctor thought it was because she felt it was coming from the joint.

Then about a year ago I got the same thing as you Kali. Behind my left leg in the crease of the knee if I stood for any length of time it would really hurt. This was the beginning of the "stiff leg" business. Unlike you though once I started walking it would go away. I noticed it most when I was drying or curling my hair or standing at the counter making dinner.

My left hand was always somewhat stiff and after the steroids then the right one was too. I couldn't say I had any pain until I started on the rocephin and all that has followed. Now my hands are not only stiff but hurt quite a bit at the joints but are much worse when I first get up and through the night. It makes me wonder if I will ever do crafts and paint again. This is really hard to deal with because in the beginning of this that was my comfort zone. Now I can't really even hold the paintbrush and would be afraid to go and use the scroll saw. :eek: It is amazing to me that treatment has brought out more symptoms or made ones I had worse. Isn't that kind of backwards?

My back hurts only on the right side (lower back) when I stand and then goes down into my butt and this is probably the sciatic nerve. Because I have fallen a number of times I wondered if that was the cause of back problem. But it is not all the time. Pulling weeds or when I get out of bed in the morning.

Like gmcnj I am bending over all the time. I find myself standing at the kitchen counter making dinner and I am half bent over. No real reason for this. Because of the equilibrium I blamed this on trying to "center" myself and not fall. Now I wonder? If I catch myself doing it then I straighten myself out but 5 minutes later I am doing it again. I hope this is not a habit I can't break!

When I wake in the morning I have to stretch like crazy. Especially if my legs are curled up at all while sleeping. I honestly think I wake up at night trying to make sure my legs are straight. When I lay in bed in the morning I stretch and sometimes my right calf gets a charley horse. This is hard to deal with because my right leg doesn't always "do" what I am telling it to do so it is hard at times to flex my foot and make it go away. Then when I get out of bed it is more leg, arm. and back stretching before I can walk somewhat right. This stretching business goes on all day whenever I have been sitting for any length of time. Worse in the morning though. Not pain, just continuous stretching. If the phone or doorbell rings it takes me forever to get to them coming from a sitting position because of all the stretching. We miss a lot of calls and have had to go to the post office to pick up packages many times because of this. Or at least my husband does. This is very frustrating to say the least. :bouncing: Sometimes I liken myself to a cat or dog, they do the same thing. :D

I guess maybe it is tendons and muscle problems after all. Being 57 and having been out of school and healthy for years makes me realize just how much I "don't" know about my body. I am pretty smart and astound my husband with my knowledge on answering game show questions but with this lyme I am pretty well stumped medically. I have come a long way but would gladly go back to the days of health and ignorance! :yawn:

If this sounds like anything you are going through I would love to know. I just hope that when we beat this that ALL of these little side issues go with it. I don't know about the rest of you but I got to the point where I felt the muscles were shrinking or not being hydrated enough. Does this sound reasonable?

By the way I tried to look up The Great Imposter (from the other thread I sent) and it isn't under that title. When I figure out what it is I'll let you know.


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