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Well I am glad this little experiment of prednisone is done! :( I have almost never felt worse...well not within the last 4 weeks at least even with all the herxing! Yesterday I couldn't walk! My brain couldn't seem to figure out how to tell my muscles how to work or move or anything. Plus every muscle, tendon, bone in my legs was in extremem pain, cracking, popping, and so weak that I thought they would give way from underneath me. I was leaning on everything in sight, and wobbling or crawling at points. Not to mention the fact that my left side of my body went extremely cold, every inch of me was buzzing/tingling/on fire and numb at the same time, and much so in fact that it was hard to use any muscles on the left side! Talk about scary!

Today without any predinisone I am feeling a bit more "just my crappy feeling self"...but walking is still tricky and the balance has not come back totally yet. I think everything that could have gotten worse did so, and I am none too happy about it.

I will defintely protest next time my llmd tries to say it's time to attack my herxes with pred! :nono:

I guess I would much rather wait them out, howver long it takes for them to subside then feel like I have had a stroke, pnemonia, and been in a car accident all in a 3 day span!

Sorry to vent guys, but I am so glad that none of these effects seem to be staying with me....I was scared very much so last night when it became even a struggle to breath or move. Hopefully tomorrow will have me feeling even a bit stronger as this pred works it's way out.

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