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Thanks all for the support. I am "going wiht my gut" for now....I started the meds today and so far I am feeling horrible. Can't decide if it's the stress of travle, of doubt, orthe meds or a combo of them all most probably...but tonight as I have all day I have been herxing, crying, and wanting nothing but to "unplug" myself from all the buzzing, the ringing, the stress, the confusion, and pain.

At least I guess I on't have to owrry too much about the dosage of is only 60 mg total all day. Maybe this will do the trick..I need badly to be on some meds. Every day I am watching my symptoms get worse, me become weaker, and so mcuh more. (sorry for all the typos i am to tired/ewak to back up to correct them all tonight) :o One other bit of info i found out about the prednisone is that ic can also mobolize toxins and enxymes in your liver, so maybe thats a good thing too....I can only wait now and see.

On a positive note it is very nice to be homeand not alone. My mom is like a watch dog, making sure I'm eating right and enough. I have been too weak lately to eat enough or cook or clean so I know I have probalby lost 5 pounds in the past week due ot that nd the herxing. So that stress is off of me konw and I am so thankful. Plus it's "home" and that by itself carries a special feeling of helaing and comfort. I need this, should have done this a few weeks ago. But what's done is done right? :) I am here now and that's wht matters.

I am sorry BDFM that you went trhough such trials with that mis dx ....I am thankful I listened to my family who kept insisting that this could be lymes again, and went to see Dr. C....otherwise I would be in your shoes I think with the dx of MS. I will be hoping for you that your homoepath will support you with that letter, I can't imagine the added stress that letter gave you. Let us know please how that turns out.

Back to ty to sleep....slept only 45mins so far and the pain is keeping me from een laying down tonight....the burning/itchy along all of my nervex (I did not know your tongue could itch!) is ridiculosly bad and looks liek I will be sleeping if at all, on my dads recliner sitting up. :( Hope tonight finds you all resting and feeling better...maybe it will be better for me tomorrow night. I'm praying it does.

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