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:wave: Hello from MN!

I made it to my mom's house in one piece. IT was a very LONG 5 hour drive! I was SO very glad to be out of the van by the time we pulled for the last hour or so of the trip I had been in tears the whole way. Despite the fact that we stopped every so often and I tried to stretch, move, and decompress.....I still was herxing, everything hurt, vibrated, was too loud, too bright, too confusing, and I simply wanted OUT and to be DONE! But I made it, and passed out in the room my mom and dad had set up for me. Whew...what a relief that was. I felt like I had been in space for a year and had finally landed back on earth, complete with all the ground kissing and all! ;)

But I have a concern for you all....maybe some of you can help me. I'm confused. I see a great llmd in MO, Dr. C....and as you know I have had a TOUGH time with my Doxy. I am still herxing from jusst a 100mg dose that I took on JUne 25! So despite my doc telling me to obviously not take any more doxy, he now after talking with him yesterday about my continued herxes, wants to put me on 3 days of prednisone to stop the herxing pattern. Take it 3 bid, for 3 days and then stop. Then I'm supposed to start my new antibiotic of flagyl.

Has anyone heard of using prednisone for this before? I don't want to doubt my doc, but I thought steriods of any type were supposed to be bad for lyme patients??? :confused: Any thoughts? I want to stop herxing, but I'm worried about this treatment.

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