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I called Igenex and they were very helpful on what tests I should have done. I ordered those and got my little kit in the mail. Now, im trying to convince my doctor to sign the form so I can go get my blood drawn. Where do I go to get that a hospital? Do I just go in and tell them what I need and they will do it? Do I take my blood sample with me and send it back to Igenex? How does all of this work? I dont want to look stupid when I go and ask for this. any help greatly appreciated!

Hi Schao,

I just got done with my testing for Igenx today.

I printed the test request form from Igenex web site. I also printed off the pages that list all of the different tests. That page tells the lab how they need samples collected, what tubes to put them in and how to store.

My neuro wrote me a prescription with the different tests listed on it and also signed the test request form page.

I checked with the larger hospitals in my area to see if anyone had ever sent samples to Igenex before. Only one had. I spoke to the supervisor there and she told me to bring all of the instructions from Igenex. They drew my samples and sent them along with the doctor prescription, signed test request form, and the lab form saying how the specimen was collected and stored. They also had to include my check to Igenex for the testing. You can either send a check or have them charge a credit card. Igenex gave me the exact pricing. Just to verify what tubes the samples needed to go into I called Igenex again and made sure the web site was correct.

I also had my neuro write on the prescription the results are to be sent to his office and directly to me. The lab that drew it had me sign another paper to be sent to Igenex just to make sure that I got results too.

The lab should know how to ship it. I send specimens out from my job every day and we have a protocal to follow. I am sure most labs do.

I found Dr.Harris and the staff at Igenex really helpful also. I hope you get the answers your looking for.

Is your doctor willing to sign the form?

Good luck,


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