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Ticker, any ideas?
Jul 7, 2005
Two years ago, more or less, my grandson, who is now 21 years old, remembers getting 'bitten' behind his left ear; by an unknown culprit. It left a raised spot where he felt the bite. His whole face, ears, and neck swelled up badly with a red rash. Unable to afford to see a doctor (no income) he started to take Benedryl; which is what he always had to take for swelling reactions to poison ivy and bee stings. After the swelling had gone down, he stopped taking the Benedryl. About 4 days later he started having irregular; for no reason; spells of:
Dizziness, hard to take a deep breath, disoriented ness, fatigue, with a rash that comes and goes; like poison ivy rash, behind ears, chest, and middle of lower back areas.

These spells progressed to include:
Tingling, buzzing, numbness, and weakness to left side of body; including arms, hands, feet, and etc. And also included heart palpitations with sharp pain in left side of chest; heart and rib area.

About 3 months later, being scared of these spells, he came to stay with us. After yet another spell I took him to the nearest ER, where they did an EKG, Chest X-ray, and the normal temperature, blood pressure, and things. Whereby they concluded he may have had 'Mild Asthma', and gave him a refillable RX for an inhaler.
However, after several months and refills of this inhaler there was no difference; symptoms continued to worsen; he stopped them as being of no help.

Two years later symptoms still continue to come, but more frequent and intense; plus:
Dry left eye, with pain behind eye socket; weakness and dizziness intensified; and periods of Cold - Flu like symptoms but no fever.

He is living with us again, and I took him to a different Hospital ER two weeks ago where they took Blood, did a EKG, Cat scan, and all the other normal things; temperature, blood pressure, and etc.
The Doctor said the symptoms could indicate a number of things, but made an appointment for him at the Hospital Clinic to test Blood for 'possible' Lime Diseases; which he had done last Tuesday. Results? All blood work came back normal including the "titer" test.
What next? We don't know; but what we do know is we're discouraged with the whole Health Care System, beyond words.

I read in these forums that you knew of a doctor in Lutherville,MD and we live 10 miles from there. Could you share the doctor's name and/or address? I'm sorry about the length of this I just figured if we gave you all of the details you would be able to make a better assessment.

Thank you and God bless

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