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Dear cj,

Good morning. I can't tell you exactly what it is used for because I don't take it but it is my understanding per the ID's nurse that it can replace flagyl and is sold over the counter. If I have read correctly on here the flagyl is used to break down the cyst type lyme. I hope somebody can come on and correct me if I am wrong and explain the use of flagyl. I do know that a lot of people on here take flagyl and that is why I even brought it up to her. She probably realizes the doctor doesn't know enough about lyme and in her own way was telling me how to get a product similar to it if I wanted to try it.??? I may ask the homeopathic about it. He is getting really excited about this lyme business and is doing lots of research himself.

The combination of the enzymes and greens capsules is a "product" of takemylife's extensive research. After lots of reading he is convinced that we are all "clogged" with die-off and toxins and we are continuing to add to it by taking antibiotics and antibacterials and something needs to be done about it before we can get better. His first recommendation is to do lots of detox baths and then start a program of the 2 above mentioned products to "eat away" at the build-up. Kind of like a stuck drain. Anyway he has done this for quite some time now after taking the samento and is much more functional. Heck he went to the beach for a week last week! :bouncing:

He does say that he would reverse his approach now and do the samento last when your body was more accepting of the die-off after clearing your system out. Maybe he will come back on and go into detail again if he isn't tired of repeating himself or if I got something wrong. I don't know if the wobenzyme I am using is as good as his but seems to be helping. I think he said he uses Thropps? My greens capsules I got from the homeopathic and are from Standard Process but I think most kinds are good. I do know he said to just do detox bath after detox bath to help too.

I hope this helps and if he doesn't add to my explanation, or change it, you can pull up some of his past threads. He explains things really well using a lot of analogies to everyday life.


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