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Hi Jon,

I have asked parents before and they have given my son rides. I just feel bad asking all the time. It's hard for me to say yes when people offer things. I am learning to do it though.

Hi SouthJersey,

I have had so many tests. Let's see how many I can remember...these are spanning over the last 9 years. Most of these have been performed multiple times.

Stress test, echocardiogram
Cat scans
MRI neck, spine, knee
3 spinal taps
Elisa and Western blot -both negative...although not through a good lab
evoked potentials
Basic blood chemistry

I am sure there is more but I just can't remember them now. I am currently waiting for my results from Igenex. They were sent in 7 days ago today. I called this afternoon and they said they are still pending.

I have had the dx of seizures, lupus and MS. Those have all been taken away. MS dx was just recently taken away. I seem to be a medical mystery.

I have...
knee pain, right knee only
chest pain
shortness of breath
migraine headaches
stabbing headaches in back of skull
neck pain
raynauds phen.
memory problems
intolerance to heat
burning in lower legs, ankles
anxiety attacks
severe fatigue
hot flashes
tingling hands and feet

Again, I am sure there is more but I can't think of right now. All of these symptoms come and go. Lately they have been staying longing then going.

All my tests are negative except the EMG which shows nerve damage in lower legs and MRI of knee which showed small cyst under knee cap.

How about you??


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