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I'm pretty much symptom free. I don't even get a joint pain or anything and my herniated disc is not even bothering me much. I'm also running 4 miles fairly regularly. My son who is pretty active gets some symptoms. He was describing a funny feeling in his feet and finally realized what he was describing was numbness in his feet. He did 8 weeks of IV ceaftriaxone and Zithromax. So now I would like to try the cats claw, but is that too much for a little guy (7 years old)?

Belief here and this I heard from several people is that after treatment it takes a year for symptoms to go away. A woman who had lyme told me this and I thought her doctor was nuts. She said she was begging for more abx. and they told her that she would be better in a year, that more abx. is just not proven to help. She said she was fine in a year. When I told this to someone else in disbelief, she questioned our specialist who said the same thing. I don't know if this is some kind of cop out to discontinue treatment for any length of time. Each case is different.

In my case, I went back to the specialist and the person I saw said my symptoms say I still have lyme, but that she couldn't treat me, that I have to come back to specifically see Dr. L. Well, I was disgusted and didn't bother. I tried the catsclaw (which is the wrong one, anyway). My knees began to get a creaky feeling, but by some miracle I am now sypmtom free. But we'll see how it goes. My son is not so lucky and I want to try the cats claw, but I'll check with the nutritionist at the health store.

Also some people I know who claim to not have lyme anymore seem to have symptoms that point to lyme-thyroid problems, fatigue. But they believe they "had" lyme and are cured. I just blame lyme on everything that goes wrong.

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