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Re: How to pulse
Jul 16, 2005
Thank you for your replies! I thought pulsing was a fairly common routine in treating Lyme. I believe I have begun to pulse (stop & start antibiotics) according to how I'm feeling and what is happeing in life. Last month my husband, daughter & I scheduled a trip to So Cal to visit my older step kids and I really wanted to participate in some level of activity so I stopped my antibiotics and actually felt pretty good until about the 3rd day. I believe I read that 3 days on-2 days off was actually in sinc with the life cycle of the Lyme bacteria. I'm not reccomending this for anyone of course, I just tried it and it seemed to help me function enough for that occasion. Anyway, I'll bring this up with my Dr. on Monday and report on it.

Thirteen months of orals for me, I can't remember all the combinations, but basically it's been:

Doxy for a few months-
Artiminisin for babesia for the majority of time-
Biaxin w/artiminisin w/ mepron
Biaxin w/flagyl
Biaxin w/artiminisin
Another round of Biaxin w/flagyl currently

Three day's on the last mix and I feel like I'm gonna die. Pain level increased significantly, balance problems, headahes, major fog (can't remember what I did 30 seconds ago), dizzyness leaning towards vertigo, major fatigue, etc.....
I'm still herxing pretty bad. However I do think I've made progress since I started treament, I've had increasing number of good day's, even weeks. Flagyl is potent and obviously it's after something in my body (cystic forms of Lyme, Babesia?) So, I'm still having major down times, but am super thankful for the good day's/week's (less pain, better mental clarity, more energy, non-axious, less depressed and an overall feeling of well being, that everything is going to be ok. That's awesom and I wish that for everyone on this board!

So, I made my daughters All Star game today, YA! Came home and took a 4 hour nap and still feeling pretty crappy. Anywho, I think my Dr. tomorrow is going to bring up IV method again and I may give it more thought this time. I afraid of IV.....

Thanks for listening, I hope what I just wrote makes some sense....

God Bless,

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