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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2][COLOR=DarkGreen]i have a TICK BITE on my side that i found one morning waking up, i immediatly pulled the tick off but dont remember if the head was discarded too, all i had left after pulling it was a bleeding red spot like a scratched mosquito bite. ever since that morning it has not healed and i guess it hasnt helped i have peeled off the scab a couple of times and i have been itching it here n there. well some one also told me a parasite can be contracted from ticks also other diseases i know of. this is not my first tick bite i have had plenty before but i have never had one that got this bad and hasnt healed before. usually we jus pull them off n thats it no mark or nothing. also when i smashed the little bugger white creamy stuff came out of him, no blood and he was big. it was a deer tick too. there is no bulls-eye mark jus a red spot that looks like it has been itched alot and has a skin scab over it. a skin scab (as i call them) are scabs that arent red n dried blood looking they are skin color n lighter then the surrounding healthy skin. please any criticism or advice and such would be helpful, much thx :confused: [/COLOR] [/SIZE] [/FONT]
Dear vangogh,

Are you having any lyme symptoms? You don't always get a bullseye rash. I don't ever remember even getting bitten by a tick but here I am. I strongly urge you to get a blood test done and make sure it is sent to Igenex. Too bad you didn't save the tick, they test them too. Keep us posted. Ticker will recommend you see a lyme literate medical doctor so you might let us know where you live and she will tell you the closest one. There are numerous co-infections you should be concerned with also not just lyme.
[FONT=Comic Sans MS] [SIZE=2] [COLOR=DarkOrange]i live in Raeford NC and i'm going to see a doctor soon so i'm going to ask about it and see what the doctor says[/COLOR][/[/SIZE]FONT]
Hi Van-gogh, I responded to your post on the other board. I am glad you posted here :)

How did you remove the tick? Improper removal increases the risk of infection. There is an excellent Lyme doctor in Huntersville, NC. His name is Dr. Joseph Jemsek. I highly recommend that you make an appointment to see him. If the tick was infected, the earlier you get the proper treatment the better.

Keep us posted on how you are doing okay?

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