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I had thyroid check about 4 months ago. It came back normal.
I just recently had another ANA, sed rate and anticardiolipin come back normal too. I made my family doctor order that again to make sure all was negative before I paid Igenex for my testing. Everything is always normal.

Last night I was having considerable chest pain and I could really feel my heart pounding all through me. I hit the bottom on my monitor to record and I downloaded it through the phone. The nurse on the other end said that she didn't see anything abnormal. I took my pulse while I could feel the palpitation and it was 96. I know that doesn't seem high but up until 3 months ago when my latest flare really got worse I was a runner of 5 miles a day with a pulse barely over 60. So, a pulse of 96 is high for me.

I am trying not to stress about it to much because it will only make it worse and having the monitor is reassuring too.

The last time that it happened really bad my pulse went to 135 and I went to the hospital via ambulance. The only thing that showed up there was low potassium and I know that can cause cardiac problems.

I wonder how common this is for lyme patients.

Thanks, Debbie

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