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Greetings All!

I can't begin to express it all in one post so I'm going to number them sequentially. I'll note page numbers from his book as appropriate. I need to be carefull about properly representing what happened and respect Dr J. I am not a medical professional. If you haven't read his book, then much of what I say will be confusing, especially if your whole experience has been with conventional medicine. Heck, I learned a lot, felt like I ws in college every day! Met many of his patients who were eager to share, some new and some returning.

For the newbies, Dr J is Dr David Jernigan of Wichita, Kansas, co author with Dr Sarah Jernigan of "Beating Lyme Disease Using Alternative Medicine & God-Designed Living". My wife, son, daughter, and self have tested positive for Borrelia burdorferi and negative for Babesia and Erlichia using the Q-RIBb test through Bowen Labs. Several people on this site have discussed the book and had questions which initially inspired me to contact Dr J. That initial email led to my wife and I traveling from Portland, Oregon five days later to Wichita, Kansas. We figure my wife has had Lymes for at least 27 years, very chronic, very scary. My own symtoms are minimal, so the whole focus was on my wife, Jeanne, 4 to 6 hours a day at the Clinic.

First let me say that the trip was worth every penny. It was not the silver bullet, one stop miracle that some people see at his clinic. Let's get real, she has been sick a long time. However, Jeanne is much improved over 3 weeks ago and told me today that she can actually "see" getting better for the first time in years.

On the first day, we listed 16 symptoms we wanted to address. Each day we spent 45 to 120 minutes with Dr J assessing daily progress and using many many protocols. Dr J believes that a herx is the sign of poor case management. Lyme patients do not need to feel any worse. We did not even "go after" the Lyme bacteria the first week but worked on rebuilding Jeanne's body to prepare for the larger war. Sleep was the #1 issue at the top of her symptom list. Big improvement so far but more is expected. Dr J used Bio Resonance Scanning (pg 351) to determine which products would help Jeanne. He has several thousand products on shelves in his office including Samento, about 20 antibiotics, essential oils, homeopathics, vitamins, herbs, etc. He also has slides of dead bacteria and microbes and vials of toxic products to test for presence in the body. It turns out that ammonia is one of the key neuro toxins produced by Lyme bacteria. There was much ammonia in Jeanne's body in particular her head. In another thread, I'll touch detoxifying ammonia.

In addition to seeing Dr J each day, protocols included: the LUX IV machine, the ST8 Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (pg 189), Ionic Cleanse (pg ??), Infrared sauna (pg 199), miasm treatment (pg 177), Illeo-cecal valve/ valve of houston correction (pg 209), color therapy (pg 211), magnet therapy, two person energy balancing (pg 161), Computer RegulationThermography(pg 357), Functional Acuity Contrast Test (pg ??), Iscar- Mali injections (pg 125), massage, Iodine stain test (pg 255), detox footbath #1 (pg 238), mustard footbath (pg 251), core body temperature monitoring (pg 117), teslar watch (pg ??), and more.
We talked much about spiritual and emotional health. Jeanne's assemblage point was high, something Dr J had never seen before (in fact it was located at the point coresponding with high anxiety). We also evaluated Jeanne's brain wave patterns and found that the right hemishere was over active particularly the BETA waves, which would affect her ability to sleep. We had a specialized CD made to help sooth and settle those brain waves. She also used her own voice to make a CD with positive affirmations imbedded in a CD.

OKAY, YOU GET THE PICTURE. For Dr J to make so many denmands on Jeanne's body in such a short time without a herx was like Michelangelo painting the Sisteen Chapel. The third week when we got more agressive against the Lymes, Jeanne had a day where she said she felt like her body went into shock. Herx, maybe. Her body was changing in major ways!

I'm just so glad to see some spark of hope in her since coming home. This really is a 3 month protocol. We call Dr J in 3 weeks for consultation and further guidance. His book states that it takes 3 months for every year of illness to reach full health---however one can feel better sooner and keep the Lymes at bay forever.


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