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Just thought I'd post here too,

The pale spike Dr. J uses is NOT regular lobelia, there is no toxicity. (I've used lot's of this stuff!! He grows, and harvests and tests his own products and they are totally safe. This thread is amazing to me because, while I knew Mike was writing it, I never got on the board for myself - was too sick, couldn't think right, etc. I realize how much better I am then back in June - good to see that. Now if we can just get me sleeping.... I have so many good people on my side (including hubby). And yes he has Lyme, but it is inactive in him. According to Dr. david, if he has had it this long and not reacted, he probably never will. He is being treated though because we don't need it passed back to me!

I will make sure he sees your post when he gets home tonight. And you are right, he is the detailed one with the better brain (much better than mine at the moment!!).

But if EITHER of us can answer any questions we will be glad to.

Thinking of you,

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