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Hi little chickadee,

Welcome to the board. :wave:

I am so sorry that you are going through this. Nobody here is trying to scare anybody but we do discuss openly what is going on with us so others will be aware.

I have been battling this for over 4 1/2 years but that is mainly because the doctors don't know much about lyme and follow CDC protocols which are outdated. I wish I had known about this board before last August.

I received negative lyme results and the doctors were trying to tell me that I had MS. I still only have 1 band that shows positive and it should be 2 but symptomwise this is lyme. After 6 MRIs it was determined by a neuro-radiologuist that it wasn't MS. I am 99% sure it is lyme after chatting with the people on here.

You need to continue to do so too until you can reach a decision you can live with. I think you should follow Ticker's advice and have bloodwork sent to Igenex. Again, something I wished I had known about. Don't be afraid, if you discover you have lyme then that is half the battle because the blood tests are not always conclusive and some of us have tried for years to figure out what is wrong with us. That is why some of us have been sick for so long. Time is of the essence, believe me.

Keep us posted on your journey and take one step at a time. Your recovery will depend on how quickly you can determine if it is lyme and be treated. I will warn you that most doctors will undertreat so be sure to check here for what doses and for how long you should be treated. That is why Ticker is so strong in her recommendations for an llmd (lyme literate medical doctor).


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