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Hi ticker and Kali, :wave: (I just love that wavy guy)

Thank you, I have printed out your posts.

It prompted me to remember (!) to call my GP about thyroid tests she had ordered awhile ago. I know when she followed up with me, she said they were normal. And they indeed are normal. At least these are:
TSH w/ free T4 2.13 (range .4 - 5.5)
T3 121 (range 60-181).

While we're talking about tests, I just went into my folder. My Lyme tests done in Dec 2001 - I only have one piece of paper.
Lyme by PCR, negative.
Lyme Western blot negative (IgM bands present 23; IgG bands present 41) - but I just noticed it said see attached sheet for result interpretation (!) which I don't have. Should I?
Also negative results for Babesia WB, Erlichia and Bartonella by PCR.

Also, have you ever heard of the Stricker test [HNK1 (CD57) Panel]? My LLMD ran this last time I went. It's supposed to tell you how your immune system's running. The first two lines say this:
%CD8-/CD57+ Lymphs 3% (range 2-17)
Abs. CD8-CD57+ Lymphs 60 /UL (range 60-360)
The rest are an extensive run down on the blood, WBC, RBC, Hg, Hct, etc, all normal.
But the first two look like they're in the lower range. I will talk to my LLMD about these when I next see her in August. I've got lots of questions for her.

BTW, ticker, I had give a lil bit of my hx in the thread 'end of treatment and cats claw question' if you care to read.

Re fluoride, it doesn't take long to find info on the web about its effects on the thyroid. I also read that it had been used many years ago to treat hyperthyroidism, and something about how it was given to prisoners to dull their behavior. Yikes, if that's all true. I've cut out drinking tap water although I was using Brita, and I am presently going through withdrawal from drinking tea. Just another experiment. I have read a lil bit about filtering the water, reverse osmosis filters are good apparently but I have to wait to get myfoggy brain wrapped around that possible project.

Thanks all. Happy Friday.


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