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Dear gmcnj,

I know you went through a pretty rough time when you came off the meds but am glad to hear things are levelling out for you. I know there is a lot to say for antibiotics but I personally wasn't getting any better so am doing the cat's claw. I was on saventaro but am expecting an order of samento today or Monday. I am really excited about this because some people have had such good luck with the liquid. What kind of cat's claw will you use? Is it something your naturopath will give you? Amber gets her Nutramedix cat's claw (liquid samento) from her doctor and is reallly doing great. I hope to have the same results. I am kind of like you and feel I have reached a plateau and need to "forge" on.

I have been reading about the few things that I will receive as a "gift" from the site I ordered from and am quite excited. Some of the stuff I had never even heard of but the gal who runs the site (Susan) was really excited about the chlorella detox capsule. I'm sure it is a good promotion because if it works then you will order more. It does sound like it helps with digestion and eliminating the toxins from your body which I think is a huge problem for me right now. I might even take the capsules for a few days before I even start the samento. Takemylife has done extensive searches on ridding your body of the build-up and I hope he will offer an opinion on this substance (chlorella). It sounds like it will work as well as the enzymes. I will keep you posted on my progress and hope you will do the same on yours. Have a great weekend.


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