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Hi guys...tonight has been awful, but finding some great support and as always prayers here for me has lifted my spirits a bit. Just want to answer a few questions that were asked...

1) i have a hickman line in my chest, the dr felt with my having to be on antibioitcs for possibly longer than 6 weeks it was the best route to go given my case severity - good news is that it has finally stopped bleeding.

2) the bruising i'm getting is coming froming my joints and skin swelling from whatever's going on in my bod, definitely know that i am herxing big time. all of my knuckles and toes look like they have been mangled in an accident. yuck.

3) and yes, i am getting rashes again like i did when i was on the flagyl - some red itchy dots that appear here and there, but in addition i have something new as well...a huge solid non-itchy red raised smooth rash that has started across my left chest. it's spreading and wonder if i need to be worried about it? don't think i am allergic to the rocephin as i tolerated it as a child and think new rashes are expected when getting treated??

ok guys gotta go sleep or try to anyways...tonight was bad and think i am literally swimming in my pain meds. don't like taking them but know i would be in the er without them. i am trying not to get discouraged but it is hard in the face of all these new symptoms and so much pain. thanks again for all your prayers....they are a huge comfort to me right now.

Teedee glad to hear your picc went well and it's giving you no complaints - i pray that that keeps up for you.

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