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i set down this morning and tries to remeber the last time i felt well!!!! and i have to say i honestly cant remeber the last time i felt well!!! i am convinced i am suffering from lyme disease but eberytime i mention ot to a doctor they look at me like im loopy!!!!!!! here is a list of some of the symptoms i have had over the last 12 months:

Urticaria (Rash only not in one place)
Sinus infections (too many to count)
Pins and Needles in one side of my body
Muscle twitches ( Stomach mainly)
buzzing sensations
misc. pains all over my body
anxiety - panic attacks where i feel like i cant breate which last for hours at a time and comtinue despite anxiety councilling.
palpitaions (very rarely)
wierd cramping sensations in arms and legs only not enough to be pain!!!
eye gunk!!! eyes dont seem to be able to get rid of slimey stuff - continues despite antibiotic eye cream
increased floaters in my eyes
irritability - i just explode like a volcano for no reason and then sit and cry for an hour!!!!!! (not like me at all)
Tiredness - no matter how much sleep i have
feeling spacey - not quite dizzy but not alright
Chest Pain

I have had so many 1 week courses of antibiotics and nothing is getting any better

i was bitten by fleas 5 years ago and they are the only bites i recall except the rash last year. my gp did a lyme titers at my request which is negative and my neuro ran and MRI scan of which i get the results next week, i am going out of my mind i feel so ill all the time and no listens to me!!1

does anyone know if lyme disease will show on and MRI and if not how can i search for a diagnosis???

thanks for listening xxxx


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