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Hi All....Well today will probably be my last day posting on this thread routinely. As tomorrow I get my hickman taken out. I'll still post on this every once in awhile and check in on ya all, but I'll probably stay on the main board more so. It's kind of funny that even though I haven't had Iv's now for over 4 weeks, I've had to wait until the doc here that handles these type of things had an opening and that was a long wait. SO I hope that tomorrow when they take it out it won't be too painful. I think that I'll have a scar on my chest where the tube has been now for going on now 4 months, but maybe once they give me a stitch or two to close it up it'll heal even better than I expect. I was super sad when my ins quit covering my IV's but it turned out to be a silver lining afterall, I never could have guessed I would be feeling such a dramatic improvement just one month after stopping the ivs. I guess this is just what my body needed to get started on fighting the lymes on it's own. :) I'm still taking the Zithro and Flagyl combo, although I haven't been able to increase the flagyl any more than just a 1/4 of a tab every other day, but as long as I'm seeing changes and improvements that's fine for me. OHHHH, some good news too....yesterday I was able to wear my contacts for the first time in over 8 months!!! YAY! My vision is finally getting back to near enough normal that when I wear them I'm not seeing triple vison and halos galore! So that's super good news. It wasn't crystal clear or near good enough to drive with yet, but it's such a dramatic improvement I just had to share it with ya all! Just another chapter to add to my recovery, hope it gives you guys some extra hope as well. I can't wait till we're all starting to feel better and better each week and each day!

Marsha ~ I'm soooo sorry to hear how hard things are going. My heart goes out to you. I was there that bad just a little over 2 months ago, wanting to puke my guts out all the time from that Primaxin. IT's a rough antibiotic but hopefully it will be the key to getting you started on the road back to being healthy again. I sure will pray that's so. One thing I might suggest for ya is to make sure you eat a little something an hour before taking it through the IV, that seemed to help me deal with it a little better. Also after being on it for a month my stomach got really irritated and I had to take Priolsec OTC for about a month after to help return my stomach to normal, as I had really bad nausea, heartburn, and reflux going on whcih my local doc said that the Primaxin probably helped cause. So maybe you might want to try taking that or ask your doc about to possibly avoid running into down the road?? Anyway hope some of this can help make your days a little less painful, wishing you the best.

Maureen ~ Oh about brain fog this morning...I had a message all typed out and then went to look at your message to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything, so I pressed the back browser button b/c I was on the wrong page and OF COURSE I lost the whole message. OHHH sighs....oh well starting over. :)

Anyway to answer your questions Maureen I got everything dosage wise directly from the book. I take 8 of the wob at least 2, if not 3 times a day...right when I wake up, after lunch, and a bit before I go to bed. And I take 3-5 of the neuro anti tox formula (depending on how crappy I feel) at least 2, trying for 3 times each day. It's just hard with all the pills I take and such trying to fit them both in all alone. As far as taking the Wobenzyme-N with the other meds I really try not to take them together b/c Dr J says that they should be taken at least 45 minutes prior to eating and at least 2 hours after eating otherwise they will be used up simply digesting food, and I figure meds will take the same route. So I take the Wobenzyme all alone. As far as prices from Dr're probably not going to like it, I wasn't too thrilled but I wanted to make sure I got the good stuff and that it would work the best. I wasn't willing to try to save a few bucks and perhaps sacrafice results to do so...soooo I sucked it up and forked out to get the big bottle of 800 for I think it was $150. I did some research and the reason that it is more costly than other places on the web is b/c it is enteric coated, meaning it won't simply dissolve in your stomach but will pass through to the gut and be absorded quickly through the intestinal walls so all of the enzymes are able to get used, and not just a portion of them. At least that is my laymens understanding of it, maybe CJ has more info on that. So far I have no complaints and have been taking them for almost a month now and I'm not even half way through the huge bottle. I'm thinking at this rate I won't have to reorder for probably another month and a half or two even. I hope this info helps ya out Maureen. Keep me updated on what you decide. I know for me this stuff and the neuro formula has really helped turn me around, so I'm really exicted to see if it'll help with you as well. I sure will keep you in my prayers for it!

Okay all, hope to hear some good things from you soon and at the very least know you're all in my prayers every day. I really don't know what I'd do without you all in my life. Thank God for the day I accidently stumbled across this site. What a God send!! Take care all....

I had been wondering about your picc line. I hope the orals work for you. I can't imagine Flagyl every other week. I'm on day 2 of 4 for flagyl. I'm feeling so sick.
I really hope someone comes on here soon and tells us their are well or close. I'm not desperate, but getting closer every day.

I hate to hear you didn't make the New Years Party. But you have a whole year to get ready for the next one. and you will be there!!!! I'm with you on the Holiday stress. Dealing with this is hard enough and then all the places you go and can't do what you use to do or just can't go at all. It is down right depressing.

I hope if you decide on the port that placement goes smoothly. If it is anything like the picc, plan on several days.

I don't want to be a pessimest, but I wonder if you ever really get over this. (for some of you its been a year) Then again, maybe with all the studies on lyme, a cure will be found next year. We can hope????

As you can tell, I am having a really crummy day. Between primixan, clinda, and flagyl I am not a happy person. The expanding foam is back in my head and I ache. The good news, I have a week drug holiday that starts Thurday an ends Monday. (at least that is 5 days I don't have to do any meds. Then I start on the Babesia.


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