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Dear lesley,

I hope that all goes well with your daughter's picc-line. When I had mine put in I made myself sick over it and it was a breeze. I never needed anything even otc for pain. There just wasn't any. Poor Romans has been having as hard a time on the IV as she did with the orals. I'm sure you have read.

I personally am a bath type person and in the beginning I was wrapping saran wrap and tape around the line but then I just gave up on that and was careful. Just be sure you don't get it wet. I would just rest my hand/arm on the top of the soap dish in the tub wall and that worked great. But your daughter may feel more comfortable with some protection, especially a pretty one.

I don't know if I mentioned to you before but the nurse at my ID's office used to pull an elasticized open weave sleeve over the pic-line and extension so it wouldn't get tangled under clothes. She would wrap the extension in a circle and pull the sleeve over it. She gave me extra ones each week and I pulled one from the bottom of my arm and one from the top so that they overlapped and this made me more relaxed about the picc-line not floating free. Especially at night. She just cut these off a long roll she had and gave me numerous pieces because after a few days they tend to stretch out of shape and seem to get shorter. She also put a large gauze bandage where the end was hitting my skin so it was cushioned.

I hope all goes well for your daughter. Let us know and our prayers are with her.


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