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Hi Romans,

Thanks for the nice post and for your caring about all of us. I really hope this heart thing is simply a Herx and when it's over, you'll be back on the road to recovery. You certainly deserve some relief and we're all praying for that!

As for me, after this last Herx (if that's what was happening) I'm feeling pretty good but that dang diarrhea is back and seems to be hanging on. My balance and walking are still off, but they're not unmanageable. My LLMD called the other night and said my liver enzymes are slightly elevated so he told me to double my milk thistle dosage and to quit taking Samento and Ketek. My next blood draw is tomorrow and hopefully things will be back on par.

I'm getting excited to get to Cal. to see him on the 12th. I have lots of questions to ask and I'll let everyone know what comes of that. My daughter and I are going to spend a night with my niece and her family and she has a pooj that we're going to lounge in the day after the Dr. visit.

I got a new PICC line protective glove that really keeps things dry in the shower. I bought a packet of ten gloves and would be happy to send one to any of you who can use it (they were surprisingly inexpensive), but the problem is, you'll have to buy some Velcro to secure it because the order came with only one set of security bands. If anyone's interested, I'll make copies of the instructions that came with them and it'd be simple to come up with ways to secure it. What I really like about them is the glove is real thin plastic and has fingers so washing the hair is much easier. Everyone let me know if you're interested and we'll go from there as far as getting your address for sending one.

My best to all and have a safe and happy Labor Day. I know we're all praying for the Katrina victims and our prayers are being heard. :angel:



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