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Hey TeeDee,
What do you mean by terrific? Are some of your symptoms going away? I hope so!

Last Christmas I was getting ready to eat dinner when all of a sudden I got this real loud ringing in my ears, normal, but then the room got extreamly bright and vision started to fog. Seconds later the brightness turned to like "white noise", static like and could hardly see. This lasted for about 15 minutes.

Being that you have had visual problems maybe you will know what happened to me that night. I am not sure what optic neuritus is but I do know that night I fell into some severe depresion, the thought of losing my vision really bothers me. If I lost my hearing I would miss the music but at least would not have to hear my kids whine!
lesley ~ i remember how hard it was on my own parents when i was sara's age going through this. used to hate answering questions and all the prodding into what hurt, looks like you're feeling better...etc. but no matter what it definitely sounds like she is healing a little bit. must be such a relief and encouragement to see her slowly chaning back to her "old" self. am so happy for you both. i knnow it a slow rod, but she'll get there and be stronger for the battle. give her my best.

just wanted to let you all know....bad nes for me. only barely inot day 1 fo this new med and i'm herxing big time. every organ, joint, muscle is screaming at me. the ringing in my ears and buzzying/tingly ffeeling and my vision stuff is off the charts...feel like i am losing my mnid. am heading to my local doc today to see what we cange change about the meds, think may have to scale back to only 1 x day instead of this 3 x a day. too much on my system, can't deal with it. wish i could tolerate any med on a norm dose, so far am batting 0 for 5. but gotta pick away at this ice berg of keets little by little....let you all know what doc says about the meds.


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