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I, too, am sorry to hear about the continuing tough road for Romans, and that Gomez is also feeling bad. Sara, my 14-year-old, has just finished her first week of Rocephin (4 days and now we have 3 days off). She also takes Zithromax and Plaquenil.

Not much to report. No bad side effects, which is great. She seems like she might be feeling better, but when I ask her she doesn't think so. No apparent herxes. On the one hand, I'm glad to not see her suffer; on the other, I worry about what that means. Tee Dee, did you have herxes at any point during your first three weeks? Is it possible that you actually had a herx the other day and it was just coincidental that it came after your night of celebrating?

Sara still complains about her arm being sore, mostly after she's been up and using it. Elevating it, using heat, and taking ibuprofen seems to mostly take care of it.

I'll keep you posted and will be praying that this week brings improvement for everyone in the PICC line group.
Dear Tronni,

I did fine on the clind/quinine protocol the first round (10 days) then I started the biaxin/plaquenil for 10 days and after 5 had to take a 2 day break. I feel it was side effects not herx. Then back on the c/q and for the first time felt I herxed at 4 weeks and a day. I am back on the b/p and my butts draging. Dr. C's paperwork says that is good. The worse you feel the better the meds are working. :yawn: I have 6 more days on it and then the c/q one more time and then Dr. C decides whether to continue this or move on to something new. I should herx right around Christmas if the calendar is correct. :eek: At least if that happens it will verify the first one.

My whole house is a disaster and my writing stinks too. I have always written such long letters with all my Christmas cards because we live so far from family but this year I ordered cards with our names printed on them. Next year back to normal maybe. Still wrestling with a tree decision but since Brent was in South Korea 2 years ago and Baghdad last year at Christmas we will get one up somehow. This will be the first time in 4 years the whole family will be here. Hope you can get done what you need to do. I have catalog ordered and my best friend picked up the last of the gifts the other day on sale. I wasn't sure Ronnie could handle it or even find what I wanted. :D

Hi All.

I had promised to post after my phone consult with my LLMD and I talked to him on Tuesday. My main concern was how long he felt I would be on the IV abx and he said, judging by what symptoms I have and how I've reacted to the abx, I should figure on about 10 more months with the PICC line.

At first I felt pretty down about that (was hoping not to go through another summer of watching out for overdoing the sun) but then it occurred to me that if I did indeed get off the IV's around October, then next Christmas I'll be PICC-free! I've been on an upper ever since.

He prescribed two new things that he hopes might speed things along; Azithromycin (might make the Mepron work more effectively) and Actigall (to protect the gallbladder). I was nervous when I read about possible side-effects which included all the things I've fought since starting abx and which have gotten much better. And that first day (Wed.) after taking both new meds I felt awful...upset stomach, more dizziness, depressed, etc. Then yesterday I woke up feeling pretty punky but by late in the afternoon, started feeling good. Butch told me I had color in my cheeks! I did the abx. and glutathione infusions and gave myself a B-12 shot. I wrote email Christmas greetings until after 11:00. :)

I'm very encouraged and am going to do another foot bath tonight because it does seem to help. And if I'm chasing those Keets out I'm going to use all the weapons I can.

We're going to see a movie tomorrow night and go out to dinner. I hadn't been looking forward to that but now I am. My parents are coming on Christmas day and will stay overnight and I hope I show them that I AM doing okay.

I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas filled with the spirit of God's love.

Hugs to all,


This morning
Hi Marsha,

Larry deserves an award for patience and understanding. I'm so glad you got your purse back! I'm always trying to think of ways to reward my guy for being such a peach. I've hoped that if the situation was reversed, I'd be able to show the same patience and understanding. I tend to think maybe it would irritate me at times beyond belief, having a spouse with basically half a brain :dizzy: .

PICC update here - the site still looks good and, in spite of Nurse Ratchett's dire predictions, seems to be holding up real well. I liked your explanation of a "drug holiday" and pray you do get those good days and that it sets up a whole new series of really good days. My doc put me on Azithromycin too, which he said might help the Mepron work better. I think it's done something because I actually feel better and have more energy after I take it. I was nervous before I started it because the side-effects listed are dizziness, nausea, diarrhea and most of the other things I had with the other things I'm taking. But I think this one's a keeper! I also feel good after infusing the Glutathione (every 3 days). Maybe both our docs are on to something with the Mepron/Azithromycin combo.

Butch and I are hoping to go "home" for an annual New Year's Day party with a group of friends we've had since before we got married. In the last several years I've gone to some and ducked some depending on how I was feeling. I went last year but that was before the PICC so we'll have to wait and see. If I decide not to go I can stay at my parents' and visit with them while Butch goes to watch football. It's been a major fight to get him to go without me but I told him I'd feel a hundred times worse if he didn't go to tell everyone I was okay, just having a fatigue-day. We don't see those people often enough and they actually did begin as his friends but all the women and I have gotten close over the years. I'll keep you posted.

You - and everyone on the board - have a wonderful New Year celebration. We usually manage to mumble "Happy New Year" to each other when the celebration noise wakes us up but those actual parties are way past us and I don't miss them!

Blessings and hugs to all,


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