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I am so glad you are having some good days. I know when I first came to the board you were having such a hard time. It give me hope knowing that you are slowly seeing improvement.

Hope the bladder infection is better. It is strange how we can get an infection while taking all the meds we are taking. I was glad to see you had a good day while you were home for your "reunion".

I'm on combo therapy now of Primixan and Clindamyacin 2 times a day M W & F. Just had my first full day treatment. I'm waiting to see if the clinda knocks me off my feet.

Last night I had a "first". I had been on my feet for maybe 20 minutes and they went pins and needles numb. One second they were fine the next a painful pins and needles. (My whole left foot to the ankle and my right foot from my toes 1/2 way up my foot). I'm used to this in my arm but never my foot.

Hope everyone is having a good day. Prayers.................Marsha

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