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Dear Heather,

I had a feeling something was going on with you that wasn't very nice. I think a lot of people have pulsed the IV and I often wonder if my liver enzymes wouldn't have gone crazy if the ID doctor had done that with me. If you read Dr. Crist's notes he is always talking about the tortoise and the hare.

I want to ask the nurse at his office today if they have ever heard of flora Q. The nurse at the ID doctor's says the patients he has on lots of drugs get yeast infections and colitis and take this and like it better than the flagyl. I am confused because I didn't know they were the same or even alike. :confused: It is over the counter too but you have to ask the pharmacist for it.

As for the yeast infection I don't think I have ever had one, knock on wood, but a friend had a vaginal one a long time ago and she said you would know if you had one because you are going to scratch even if the Queen of England and the Pope are in your presence. :D She said it is horrible.

You are just taking a break not removing the line I hope. You will get back on track. It is encouraging to hear that Shanna is tolerating the orals better now that the insurance has cut her IV. You will get there too. Hang in there.

Shanna & Tronni
A big thanks to both of you. I am part of the picc gang again. It was definitely a rough day. After picc placement, went to jemseks office. Had to wait there an hour. After I went up tothe desk they called me back next. One look at me, got me a drink, offer of crackers, double dose of phergan for the severe nausea I was having. I had to wait until I felt better before I could start a treatment. I was started on primaxin 2xd. and one by mouth that helps the absorption of primaxin. I am to be pulsed M W & F. She said we would have to go slow. She fears with the way things have progressed that I may be in some very bad herxes. She told me if I felt like I just could not do a treatment because of all the pain, don't call her just skip that day. I am to only take what my body will take. If all goes well the first week, I add flagyl the 2 wk pulsed the same days.

I questioned regarding adding milk thistle, shiatake mushroom, green or herbal tea. She said not knowing how my system would handle any of these, she just thought I should not take the chance. Yet....

I did not have a CD57 test as she says jemsek says that they give you very little info. He doesn't see the benefit.

We discussed the chest spasm attack I had this week. It is one of the unexplainable ones. Since Nitro stopped it every time she have me a rx to get filled. She is putting me on Ambien12.5 (Like a extended relief)

Shanna, I know how difficult these last several months have been for you. It gives me hope to read your post and see the improvement. You are finnally getting there :bouncing: I am so glad for you. Just don't overdo, you know how we are if we think we feel better. Be careful Keep me posted on you improvements. God is in control. He is showing it with you and he will with me. All in his time.

Tronni, I understand the fatigue very well. Mine doesnt get any lower. No energy to do anything. Maybe my 4 1/2 yr old granddaughter will come clean my house. She would do a better job that her mother. I don't have the energy if my aches and pains would let me. Susan today told me that for the next several days I'm to do nothing but lay around. ??? That is ok with me. I am going to check in to the aloe master, do some research. I have the rest of the week & wkend to rest and enjoy. Any ideas.

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